Celtics Pre Game Live – Celtics Versus 76ers

Celtics Pre Game Live is a show that takes place 30 minutes prior to each game with the goal of updating Celtics fans on where the team currently is at in the standings as well as updating them on current news stories surrounding the team and its players, and also with NBA league news as a whole, however, its main purpose is to highlight their current matchup of the night, and the story lines that Chris Manix, Kyle Draper, Brian Scalabrine, Abby Chin, Tommy Heinson and Mike Gorman can come up with surrounding the match up.


The show started up with a camera following Celtics star point guard Isaiah Thomas into the Garden (the Garden is what the Celtics call their arena). Isaiah looked into the camera and asked the cameraman “Do you know what time it is?” and then jokingly said, while looking at his watch “It’s 3:53” For Celtics fans who are uninformed, Isaiah Thomas has recently solidified himself as the “King of the 4th” in the NBA for his late game heroics, so whenever the 4th quarter of a game comes along, Isaiah points at his wrist and says “You know what time it is” – meaning that it is the 4th quarter, and it is his time to take over.


Comcast Sports Net commentators, Kyle Draper and Chris Manix lead the Pregame Show. They each highlighted that this game versus the 76ers was the final home game before the all star break, with two total left, and they made it clear how important it was for the Celtics to win in order to continue their momentum. They explained that it was the 3rd time the Celtics would be playing the 76ers this year and brought up the 76ers head coach, Brett Brown’s comments as to what he thought of the Celtics. He during and interview that the Celtics are “playing at another level” that “(they) can really score” and that it was “special and to be studied” as to what the Celtics Head Coach Brad Stevens and President of Basketball operations Danny Ainge have been doing. He even mentioned that he was jealous and envious of what the Celtics have been doing, and how they have been building their franchise.


However, the 76ers are on a 3-game winning streak of their own despite missing their star player Joel Embid who is not playing due to a knee sprain and torn meniscus.


Manix and Draper quickly got back to Celtics talk, announcing the Celtics Head Coach Brad Stevens had earned the right to coach the NBA All-Star game, which is a huge accomplishment. They also mentioned how Isaiah Thomas would be joining him as an All-Star player for All-Star weekend.


Manix and Draper than transitioned down to Celtics TV announcers Mike Gorman and Tommy Heinson who had chairs and their own TV crew set up so they could bring their input into the Celtics, 76ers matchup. Mike Gorman started it out by explaining that the 76ers weren’t team to take lightly, despite their below .500 record, because they have been playing well and were winners of their past three games. Tommy Heinson, known to be a bias Celtics fan, was quick to add that the 76ers are playing well, but the Celtics are having a great season despite the number of injuries that they have had. Mike Gorman added that the Celtics, and probably one of the biggest keys to their success besides Isaiah Thomas’s breakout season, that they (the Celtics) have a lot of guys who can play – addressing the importance of their bench and depth and how well they have played this year when called upon. Adding that the Celtics are 23-7 in the wins and loss columns, which is the best in the NBA since the start of November.


After the on court input from Tommy and Mike, it was back to the studio with Manix and Draper. Manix made it a point to announce that he really felt this Celtics team was coming together and that the team was all around consistently contributing. The final segment of the Pregame show is called the “Prediction Machine” – in this segment, right before the game began both Manix and Draper gave their pre-game predictions. Manix, off the logic that Isaiah Thomas has had 30 straight games with 20 or more points, predicated that Isaiah Thomas would have a field day, and if he did that the Celtics would surly win. Draper predicted that it would be a battle of the benches, adding that whichever bench performed better, would most likely come away with the win. That was is for the Pregame show, and the real show began, tipping off at 7:30 and the TD Garden.


One thought on “Celtics Pre Game Live – Celtics Versus 76ers

  1. This pre game blog can be see as a way of life for a Boston sports fan because if you’re at home then for the most part, you watch this pre game show every time it comes on. They get us ready for the game as we get ready. It’s a great way to start team talk with the guys or if you want to help explain something about the celtics if a person doesn’t know much about them,this show will fill you in in a heartbeat.overall This show will always be apart of my life because I lived in Boston all of my life so this blog is a smal piece of me.

    Erick Browne.


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