Westworld: Utopia or Dystopia? A Tale of Brotherly Love

By: TJ Rotolico


     Thinking of taking a vacation anytime soon? Need a stress reliever, entertainment, or a good time? Maybe with friends, family, coworkers? Why not Westworld? Westworld is a prime getaway for those seeking action, adventure, and storytelling. Westworld can be best described as a technologically advanced fictional amusement park. The park is populated by life-like androids, referred to as hosts. They are the gateway to unraveling the mysteries and stories that Westworld has to offer. Real people, referred to as the guests, are able to interact with the hosts however they may please. The guests are able to create their own story, and they can do as they please with zero consequence. They can be whoever they want to be, despite who they are on the outside. Sounds very enticing so far, right?

     “Westworld” is an up and coming show on HBO adapted from the film “Westworld (1973).” The park is meant to be a getaway for most people, strictly a game. Many people will actually take the trip to Westworld to even grow closer together as well. It should be a weekend of fun, but what true colors will the park show about you?


     The guest stories of William and Logan are a perfect example of what the park does to you. William and Logan depart to Westworld on a trip looking to invest in the company. They are co-workers and also soon to be brother-in-laws. While it’s a “business trip,” they are definitely looking to explore. Logan is a thrill seeker, who immediately plays with fire when they first enter the park and entices William to do the same. To Logan, Westworld is a paradise. Everything in his life is handed to him, and Westworld is just another thing to take. Logan takes the lives he wants, the women he wants, and lives to create chaos. It’s important to know that Logan always makes William his punching bag, always telling William that he is stronger than him both in and outside of the park. Despite this, William goes out of his way for people and is more kind-hearted than Logan. He is shy and nervous, but wants to help others in the park. William wants to prove that he is able to fit in with the family.

     While soaking up the town, William’s gentlemanly ways lead him to Dolores. After getting to know each other, Dolores wants William to help her discover “The Maze,” a strange insignia and the meaning of the park. William accepts her plea, begging Logan to sympathize with him. Logan believes William is a fool, as he sees William starting to fall for Dolores (not to mention William is to marry Logan’s sister.) After a few run-ins, battles, and people trying harm Dolores, we start to see a new side of William. Adrenaline and emotion have taught William how to be his own person. He learns how to shoot to kill, be assertive, and to not dwell on his actions.

William Meets Dolores – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9c9rjX6oFw

     Later in season 1, we see some of the most important episodes and scenes between Logan and William, contrasting how the park has changed them for better or for worse. While playing a game of “war” for riches and rewards, William, Logan, Dolores, and Slim must prove themselves worthy of joining “The Confederados.” Their task includes intercepting a stagecoach of nitroglycerin that The Confederates desire. On the job, the stagecoach soldiers surrender peacefully. However, when Logan decides to play hardball, things quickly get out of hand. When they got what they wanted, must Logan find someway to make the situation complicated? Of course. In a frenzy, William saves Logan’s life by killing one of the soldiers. William and Dolores mortified, Logan is ecstatic that William has has finally given into the “fun” of Westworld and congratulates him.


     This action would lead to brothel scene, a celebration between them and The Confederados. While William has been vocal about it before, he again tells Logan that he is no longer having fun in the park and that they need to end it. He mentions how we no longer feels like a hero, but more of a villain. This escalates into a bigger fight between the two. Logan exclaims to William that him and his sister have very little respect for William. Being co-workers, he also explains to William that was only promoted to executive vice-president because he isn’t a threat to his higher power. While Westworld has started to change William, Logan knows that deep down William is passive and sees him as pathetic. For the first time in the show, we see William stand up for himself and show anger towards Logan, but this is only the beginning.


     When the nitroglycerin goes missing, the Confederados become suspicious. William and Dolores flee the scene, feeling mixed about leaving Logan behind to deal with the consequence and ignoring his pleas. However, Logan is able to turn the tables and find out where the duo are heading. Somehow on the side of The Confederates once again, they surround and capture William and Dolores. Here we see how emotional William has become. When Logan talks to a tied-up William, William confesses his love for Dolores and even apologizes. He requests that Logan’s contacts somehow get Dolores out of the park so they be together. While Logan is already ruthless, we see how even more unforgiving the park has made him. He has to remind William that none of this is real, it’s only a game, and that the park was created for people to live out these crazy fantasies. To display this, Logan stabs Dolores, showing a distressed William her mechanics. Dolores manages to escape later on, but William is solemn. At the end of the night William is released, William tells Logan that he understands the truth and that none of this is real. With the good and the bad they’ve had in Westworld, they seem to make up with each other.


    Waking up, Logan stands up and looks around him. Everyone in the camp is dead. That’s when he spots William, seemingly in a good mood and knife in hand. Remember when I said this was only the beginning of William’s transformation? The park has a lot more in store for both of them. William tells Logan that he understands how to play the game now. He tells Logan that he is in charge and that they are going to find Dolores.

     William has finally taken charge of himself and finding out to what he refers to as his “deepest person.” He seems to be much more satisfied looking down on Logan for once, but at what cost will he be even more pleased? Has William demonstrated himself worthy of fitting in with the family? While it’s just a game, how real with the “fun” and consequence prove to be for the duo? 

William Realizes The Truth – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxAVTEaAZuM



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