The Domination and Cornering of The Internet, How Has Barstool Sports Done It ?

Internet is the forum that our world revolves around today. From the newest generations, to our worlds most greatest generations as a people we want to find out about news, sports, and entertainment. All of this information is all shared throughout the internet media. Now most people will look to the classic networks that have been around for years to gain their information cravings. ESPN, Yahoo Sports, and Fox Sports, are the main forums for the generations of people who grew up with these networks. Being affiliated with these networks is something people could say is opioniable, familial, or even societal. Stepping out of this classic circle, is a sports entertainment network, that began by a group of highschool bloggers and New England sports diehards. Barstool Sports is cornering the sports entertainment side of the internet through their Blog posts, live in game video casts, post game interviews, and a multitude of videos with sports stars outside of their professional lives. People love the sense of connection and feeling like they truly know these big stars on their local internet forums.

“For the people”, is a Barstool Sports catchphrase. This is a statement that truly fits the company and program as a whole. The creator of the company Dave Portnoy created the brand back in 2003, when he was working IT at his first job, after graduating from Michigan State.  He starting the company by doing pizza and burger reviews, and trying to blog about all of his favorite sporting teams like the Patriots, Celtics, and Red Sox. Having the weekly breakdown about gambling and betting on fantasy sports was one of the main topics that Barstool sports originated with. In 2007 the launching of the URL and website of Barstool Sports, this brought the content and sports information into the web for the “Stoolies” to tune in and follow Barstool everyday.


Providing a link between the sports world and the everyday man Barstool sports gained a massive following because of the non-caring actions and sports loving information displayed to the viewers. Becoming big enough to Co-op and have a  possibility of a late night show on ESPN seemed to raise Barstool Sports stock and name around the internet and world. After not working out with ESPN after ten days of having a show, this lead to conflict between the sports media enterprises. Even though it may seem that ESPN and Fox Sports may never be beat out of their held positions, in the Internet Generation Barstool Sports began to raise the stakes for the old ways of finding out your news. Not only through the web was Barstool Sports dominating the market but also through social media. This idea of the new Barstool social media dominated the market and truly did a better job of engaging the social audiences and made immense profits from advertisements. This brought Barstool Sports up the chain of the sports media enterprise.

Barstool Sports gained an even bigger following from the live depictions of their followers at sports games, even that were live on the opposing sports media platforms. The stoolie following has increased greatly since 2013 when the company became a face of sports entertainment. These stoolies repping the brand would be at any NBA, MLB, or PGA events and you could see the classic STOOL logo on any Barstool Paraphernalia.25-barstool-sports.w700.h700

Spittin Chiclets, Barstool College Football Show, Starting 9 Show, and live Barstool videos from major sporting events. These are all of these forms of broadcasting sports to the world is how Barstool Sports covers the entire sports world. People love these live shows, especially the college football saturdays where hundreds of students flock to meet up with the barstool gang and represent the brand at their colleges. Now on the U.S top ten list for podcasts throughout the nation, Barstool Sports has surpassed ESPN and has reached the seventh spot. This is just how Barstool Sports reaches all of their followers, through every internet forum these days.

These Stoolies and followers of Barstool Sports are mostly teenagers, and college fraternity males who love the rag-tag sports media that is portrayed through the internet, podcasts, videos, etc. For a brand that some may find intolerable and childish, a single website that was started to blog about gambling on fantasy sports. Now people allie together from all over the U.S/world based on a common interest about a single reason. This is something that hasn’t been in the United States for decades. Technology has increasingly impacted sports media and how we all obtain our information we desire.

Barstool Sports has dominated the sports media market, due to the new social media forums. Through likes, re-tweets, followers, and shares, this was Barstools main focus on sharing the epic sports moments, and comedic interactions in everyday life on and off the field or court. Reaching number three on U.S. top ten sports media forums Barstool now follows Bleacher Report, and ESPN. Reaching top three on the charts for top sports forums, this proves to all entertainment companies that Barstool is cornering the sports media market.

Unlike ESPN, and other sports media sources Barstool Sports has a dominating factor that sets them aside on the internet, and that is the Barstool store. With endless amounts of t-shirts, flags, jerseys, and tailgate accessories, this gear gives the followers of Barstool Sports the feeling of belonging. This is why being a “Stoolie” is such a beloved idea, seeing someone with a fellow “stool logo” on their chest or shoulder of their shirt makes people become friends over a symbol. Symbols in communication are one of the largest forms of conversation between people. Seeing the Stool symbol world wide proves Barstool’s  following, and how Barstool Sports is “reaching the moon!” (El.Presidente).

Barstool Sports is for sure growing into one of the main sports media forums. Even though some people don’t respect the brand because of it’s mentalities,  the internet has changed and developed the way people look for their information. Having Content for all ages is what Barstool has done, and people connect easily to the ideas they express. Barstool Sports is going to continue to grow and find new ways to keep cornering the sports media market, this will make them one of the leading sports media sites in the next decade.


Written By: Nicholas Fasoli

February 22, 2019



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