How does Bachelor in Paradise relate to contemporary dating practices?

I am sure you have heard of the shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette as they are widely known examples of  pop culture and television. There have been 22 seasons of The Bachelor aired so far and 14 seasons of The Bachelorette, and 5 seasons of the spin off show Bachelor in Paradise. The entire purpose of these shows is to narrow down the number of the contestants until there is only one left and a proposal can occur at the finale of the show, in Bachelor in Paradise all of the contestants on the show are able to date one another. A lot of people think that this show is humorous because they think it is a silly exaggeration that you would be ready to marry someone you have known for two months while they have been dating other people the entire time. This show relates to contemporary dating practices because there are a lot of single people today who use dating applications to find their significant other, this creates many options for people. Having this many options relates to Bachelor in Paradise because the show is all about people dating one another as they eventually choose one person at the end to give their final rose to.

Dating applications like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, and the like are being used everyday by young single people who are in search for romantic partners. If you are on a dating app, you are aware that you receive notifications every time someone matches with you and “likes” you. On Bachelor in Paradise, each week new bachelors and bachelorettes emerge onto the tropical beach to find love. They are given date cards and have to decide who they would like to go on a date with. How does this relate to the world of online dating apps? Men and women on online dating apps see a bunch of different people that they can contact and choose to ask on dates if they want to. There are people from all different backgrounds with different interests to speak to on online dating apps and there are many different people to form connections with. Online dating can lead to people dating more than one person at a time, which also occurs on Bachelor in Paradise. On the show, there have been many instances where contestants will be upset with one another for trying to date the same person, and some of the contestants will date more than one person at a time. This happened on the show when Chris Randone was seeing Krystal and Tia at the same time, causing a lot of drama. In the finale, Chris ended up proposing to Krystal, and Tia ended up seeing another guy. This situation relates to online dating because there are people who will date more than one person at a time until they find someone who is right for them.

At the end of each episode in Bachelor in Paradise, the bachelors or bachelorettes have to choose who they want to keep seeing at the end of the week by giving out their roses to a specific person. In reality, if you want to continue to date someone and get to know them, you have to make an effort to keep seeing them by making sure they know you are still interested in them. On the show this occurs by giving away your rose, in reality it is more simple because you simply have to keep up contact with someone if you want to keep seeing them, but in both cases a person needs to be assured that you are still interested in them.

Many millenials on dating apps are faced with these same circumstances when they are dating more than one person at a time and not exclusive with anyone in particular. People usually decide to pursue someone once they get to know them better and they cultivate a relationship and form a connection with them. This is what occurs on Bachelor in Paradise when couples are formed and near the end they decide to only see each other. Although the show might not seem like it relates to reality, there are many connections between contemporary dating and Bachelor in Paradise. COLTON, TIA


One thought on “How does Bachelor in Paradise relate to contemporary dating practices?

  1. Mackenzie Hine
    I really liked your take on this subject. I have seen a few seasons of each of the three shows and I have always thought they were a bit ridiculous and unrealistic. However, after your comparisons with online dating, especially with millennials and younger, I do see how this type of dating is mirrored outside of the show in real life. Relationships and dating have changed over the past years due to technology and your description of how they have done so makes sense and it can bring more reality to shows like Bachelor in Paradise.


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