Without the same cast, would a rerun of The Office be as popular as the original series?

From the early 2000’s what seemed to be a failing television series, with some A list actors, The Office did not seem like it was going to survive. The classic NBC show, began its fame after its second season aired, and began to gain more viewers. The comedic identity that the characters in this series held, displayed the ideas that viewers around the world looked for in this new era television. From the classic Jim and looking into the camera moments, to the excessive joking that challenged a normal offices daily flow. People fell in love with the hysterical moments and extended narratives, that could keep you glued to your screen for an unhealthy amount of hours each day. As a fellow Office viewer the question that is increasingly coming up is “When will NBC re-create our favorite series?”. Even Though this show is extremely popular nowadays for its re-runs, and its streaming capabilities. Television has shifted immensely and show mentalities are not the same anymore, some ask would The Office be as successful if the series was re-created today without most of the same characters?

The Office was a show that truly depended on its characters. From the main characters such as Michael, Dwight, Jim and Pam, the narration and script truly was built around these meantalities. The interaction between these four and all of the other characters in the Office made the viewers feel, laugh, and get addicted to their conversations. Pam and Jim had interactions that we like none other, meaning from the beginning being just friends to watching a true love story unfold across a nine year span. From the forever amusing Dwight pranks they pulled together, to the heartfelt moments where Jim puts himself out there, but Pam isn’t quite ready for him yet. These solem interactions could keep viewers tied to their screens for hours, waiting to see what would come in the next episode. Switching shifts looking into the comedic side of the show, viewers loved the awkward, stupid, and constant nagging jokes from Michael Scott. Giving the greatest moments of the show its real feel, because everyone in life may have that boss in their careers. Keeping the jokes flowing and jumping in a lot, Allowed the secondary characters such as (Philis, Stanley, Kevin, Oscar, Kelley, Ryan, Creed) to speak and add narrative to the show that people loved. Creed Moments were some of these classic “Dying of belly laughing moments”.Moments like these would leave the viewer crying lagiphyughing because of the ironicalness of the scene. The Office was so successful because of the characters interaction and shared comedy between themselves.These actors from the original series were given the frame of the script because most of the show was done in the form of improv meaning as the show progressed it did not follow a specific script, the actors gave it their own touch by what they felt. Without these same characters the show may struggle because of how the fans fell in love with them, and learned so much about them. Even within the original series when characters were cut out or left it was not the same.

When characters are slowly depolarized from the show being a viewer it tends to suck. Following some series for so long you never want the cast to change, or lose important pieces. This occured in the Office a couple of times, when Jim almost left but just transferred to a different city, then when Michael actually leaves the show these two instances had viewers debating on continuing watching the series. The first instance for viewers getting that feeling of losing a character occured after Jim put himself out on the line for pam, attempting to tell her how he has always felt and hoping she felt the same. Realizing that it may not happen Jim proceeds to transfer. At this point in the series the viewers have only heard about the other branches, and not have really seen them. Leading to the idea that Jim (John Krasinski) was possibly leaving the show, but that was not true he was just leaving Scranton. When Michael Scott actually leaves the Office, it felt as if the whole dimenear of the show was thrown off. “Well this is going to hurt like a motherfucker…”, this was how all Office fenatics felt after Michael left. Attempting to bring in another big name actor to fill Michaels spot, Will Ferrell did not fit the comedic attitude that the show had always presented. This is why his character only lasted two short episodes before never being seen again on the show. A re-creation of the show might bring the same feel to the long time viewers of the show, and the depolarized characters would be missed highly. tenor.png

For the creation of a rerun series, viewers would probably stay tuned in only if there were most to all of the main characters back in the narration.  What has been said around the media world, that there were only eight of the original sixteen actors from the original cast that would drop everything to come back to the show if NBC made the call. Those include the characters Pam, Stanley, Kevin, Angela, Phyllis, Meredith, Creed Bratton, and Oscar. Leaving out important main characters such as Michael, Jim, Dwight,Ryan, Daryl, Andy, Erin, Kelley. These actors who said there was slim to no chance have moved on to have bigger acting careers and contribute all they have to the Office, because that’s where most of them started. But without these names the show would not be as good, because the plot of the show and narrative would not make any sense. Where the last episode left off, the viewer would need to see Where Pam Halpert and Jim Halpert’s life took them down in Texas. The final scene would need to be played in the begging of the show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dd-P5Y_7Mfg, for the narration to continue. This is also the reason why, without those main characters the show would not be as popular to the Office fanatics.ic55wew1u4v01.gif

Television has shifted immensely and forms of shows are not the same anymore, some ask would The Office be as successful if the series was re-created today? One of America’s favorite shows even to this day, “may not have qualified to be a blockbuster hit, but it clearly paved the way for a style of filmed comedy that was smart, multi-layered, and subtle”(New York Times). This is what The Office was and how it connected so strongly to the audience, leaving viewers not knowing weather to keep laughing or to die of cringiness. Having so many positive parts about the show, a reboot has the possibility of doing good on television today, but personally re-makes of televisions series or movies always end up ruining the greatness factor the show had from its beginning and I wouldn’t want to see one of the best American re-made sitcoms to die out after having a huge presence on television.
By:Nicholas Fasoli


4 thoughts on “Without the same cast, would a rerun of The Office be as popular as the original series?

  1. Julia Matter
    This article immediately caught my attention. It never occurred to me that they would ever make a reboot of the office especially without most of the main characters. I’ve heard jokes about it yet, for example when when Steve Carnell went on SNL and the running joke is that everyone wants an office reboot.honestly I would have to agree with the author that I think it’s not the best idea to do an office reboot. It would be terrible to see something fail after it had such initial success. One thing I think could be interesting is if in five or so years they make a completely new office cast new characters but with the same idea of the show.


  2. I agree a lot with what this author is saying in this article. The Office is one of my favorite shows and I would love for it to have continued more seasons in its time on air, but trying to reboot the show now in my opinion would not be successful. If the show did not have the characters such as Jim, Dwight, and Michael, I do not think that I would have enjoyed the show as much considering those were my favorite characters. Trying to make a reboot without these character would not go well, because like you said, viewers were very upset after Michael left the show for even two episodes. Personally, I do not believe that I would enjoy a reboot of this show. Although I would probably watch the reboot or at least try to, I do not believe that it would be even close to as successful as the originally version on The Office was.

    Geena Levine


  3. I love The Office, but agree with the sentiment that a rerun wouldn’t be the same. Things were so well put together, for the most part in the original version of the show. A rerun that can’t capture that same magic, or something close to it, would disappoint and anger a lot of fans. Why not just let it live as an original and only an original? People will watch reruns forever, the show is just that good and has a wild fan base. A rerun without most of the main characters? Seems like a desperate money grab and unnecessary play on people’s nostalgia if it comes into fruition.


  4. Mackenzie Hine
    I thought this was a very interesting topic. I am a HUGE fan of The Office and have seen every episode an unhealthy amount of times. With all of the reboots it is natural to wonder if The Office could be the next hit show to get called back up to the plate. However, there is no way that the entire original cast would come back for a new series and if they couldn’t get everyone, it would never feel the same. Every single character on the show is essential to the success and intrigue the show had. Even if you could get the majority of the cast back, I still don’t think it would feel the same. The show had a clean ending and bringing it back would almost rob it from the grave. I think you did a good job of evaluating the prospect of the show returning.


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