Hidden Easter Eggs in TV Shows

Zachary Pennace

May 4th, 2019

Blog Post 3

Easter Eggs in TV Shows

Many tv shows will slip in easter eggs into the episodes as a way to see if viewers and the audience are paying close attention to details in the setting and background. An Easter egg is hidden details or objects in the television show that are hidden for the viewers to find while watching the show. The producers of the show will add these hidden messages because they want people who rewatch the show to find these hidden easter eggs. It also makes the rewatch of the show more engaging and enjoyable. Die hard fans will be the ones to notice these small details and subliminal messages in the shows. Just recently the past Game of Thrones Episode had a hidden starbucks coffee cup that was on the table during one of the sceneses. This is a prime example of an Easter Egg in a tv show. Its an Easter Egg because you wouldn’t expect a starbucks coffee cup in medieval times because there was no such thing. Many viewers instantly saw it and talked about the easter egg for others to find. This blog post will be about the most famous Easter Eggs in different television shows and the general meaning of the Easter Egg with its connection to the TV show.


The first show that is known to have many Easter eggs hidden and secrets throughout the shows run is Seinfeld. Did you no that in every episode Jerry’s superman doll is always showing. There isn’t a n episode where it is not shown to the audience. It is always in the background in Jerry’s apartment. Another famous Seinfeld Easter Egg is that Larry David the creator and showrunner of the show makes a couple guests appearances in the show. For example one episode he makes a cameo asa man in a cape when he is met by Georges dad Frank Costanza on the street. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gio4aV1_ylA Another Easter Egg with Larry is that he is the voice of George Steinbrenner who plays George’s boss in many of the episodes. However you never see Mr. Steinbrenner but only hear his voice throughout the show.


The voice was done by Larry David. Larry also makes a cameo while on a plane in one of the episodes. Another easter egg in Seinfeld is that cereals in Jerry’s apartment are all in alphabetical order and stay like this throughout the whole run of the show. In Newman’s apartment who is played by Wayne Knight is a movie poster for Jurassic Park. The reason why this is a easter egg is because the same actor Wayne Knight stars in that same movie that the poster is based on. A major easter egg in Seinfeld was that the last line of the show during the finale was about button placement on George’s shirt. This is an easter egg because this was also the first conversation they had on the pilot episode. This was done to tie the series together and show how it all started by ending the show with the first dialogue used.


Another who with many hidden easter eggs and themes is the Office. The Office is another sitcom that is notoriously known for adding little details in episodes to see if anyone would notice. The first major easter egg is a “diploma” Michael Scott’s office. However if you pay attention closely to the diploma in the background it actually says certificate of authenticity with his name written underneath. It’s not actually a diploma but a made up certificate of authenticity. This ties in well with the character of Michael because you can never take him seriously and that’s a prop you no he would have in his office because his character is goofy like that. At Creed’s desk there are pictures hidden behind him. Ironically two of the photos at his desk are his mugshot pictures taken of him.


This detail connects in perfectly because Creed is known as the sketchy and weird character in The Office who we don’t really get a full understanding of his past. This easter egg helps us understand that Creed had a shady past and doesn’t mind emphasizing on it with those mugshot pictures that he has hanging on his wall. Another easter egg was in the episode when everyone in the office created a resolution on the resolution board. However on this board their are some funny resolutions such as Stanley’s that says “be a better husband and boyfriend.” This a funny easter egg because this appeared on an episode that was before we found out that Stanley was cheating on his wife.


A few other minor Easter Eggs in the show that go unnoticed is that in the episode where Jim signs Meredith’s cast he doesn’t sign it with his character name instead he signs it with John Krasinski his actual name. Another minor easter egg is In the dinner party episode where Michael hosts a dinner party with his wife. In that Episode Jan gets in a fight with Michael and destroys Michaels plasma flat screen tv. The destroyed tv then reappears during the episode where the Office has a garage sale and the broken tv is being sold by Michael. These are just some examples of the many Easter eggs that are hidden in The Office and Seinfeld that I have noticed throughout my many times watching the reruns of both shows.   



One thought on “Hidden Easter Eggs in TV Shows

  1. I find this post very interesting before there I never knew that a clue or hint was considered an Easter Egg, I had thought that you were saying at first that there were actual easter eggs scattered through scenes trying to get viewers to find them. As I went back to watch the Office and see if I noticed any of these things it made me start to watch a lot of my shows differently especially because viewers get so into the plot as compared to looking at the smaller things within a show. Your blog post point I find very interesting because I feel as though nobody every looks at the small things, but if they were to then it could create an even more entertaining and funny show.

    Melanie DeAlmeida


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