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Reality TV watching is something a lot of people don’t want to admit that they enjoy, but they enjoy it very much. Nothing like a long day at work and then some binge watching of reality television shows. These television shows, if they get a lot of views, will continue for a while because it is so cheap to create. Each episode is different and never goes along with the previous episode, you can just start wherever whenever in a season and it won’t feel like you have to go back and start over on season one.


Let’s get into the reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, a reality tv show that was the talk of the town when I was in middle school. This reality TV show has gone through 15 seasons, which is crazy to think of how long it has been around. We have seen Kendall and Kylie start their careers with modeling and with her Kylie cosmetics, but what exactly is it that intrigues us to keep going back and watching more? In the book “How to watch television” it talks about how “idiotic, arrogant, or self-destructive behaviors which we are urged to judge and which are designed to make us feel much better about ourselves”(p.149), we realize either people want that kind of lifestyle or they use it to laugh at other peoples flaws. Reality TV makes us feel better about something that might have went wrong during the day or over a wild weekend night out on the town, viewers constantly enjoy the drama and bickering that happens and sometimes physical encounters.


In season 15 episode 9, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney go to Japan for a trip. While there Kim is trying to promote Kanye’s clothing line and trying to get photographs taken of her in the clothing during the day in different spots. Her main goal was to get other people (fans) to take pictures of her in the clothing in order for them to promote the clothing line, which is quite clever. As she is doing this she feels as though her sisters are ruining what she is trying to represent, they are wearing clothing such as bright glamorous sparkles with crazy eyeshadow and bright blue earrings. If you don’t know already the Kanye line is nothing super glamorous, the color scheme consists of very natural colors such as nude, dark green, gray, and black. Instead of saying it nicely to her sisters or suggesting something else to wear, Kim meanly said that what they were wearing wasn’t helping with the public view of the clothing. She began to talk to them and said “ you guys look like f****** clowns, I’m not f****** kidding, this isn’t this thing where it’s halloween let’s dress up as f****** (crazies).”


The drama that this show stirs up and gets all the characters mad, or a few against each other is very interesting. The way reality TV shows like Jersey Shore is very similar to Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the way that each character is given a separate interview where they can talk about how they feel about a specific situation, and then go back to the set where the conversation actually takes place. This allows the viewers to get the thoughts of the star and almost have a personal conversation where the other people in the show don’t actually know what they are saying about them. Getting that connection and taking the star out of the context of the situation allows you to see if they will say the same things in the situation.


What would these reality TV shows be like if there wasn’t any drama. I have to say the one thing when I watch these reality TV shows with families that are wealthy with big houses and all the glamour there definitely times where there are viewers that wish they had that life. Viewers will occasionally want this lifestyle. Let’s get into the reality TV viewing of what the mystery is with these television series, where viewers try to distinguish what is real and what is not. As we know the Kardashian family loves how they look in the public eye, including all the botox and face lifts, but how do we know the real from the fake act that they put on? This is the key component to pleasure in reality TV shows, even though Keeping Up With the Kardashians isn’t as over the top as Jersey Shore there are still areas where they both create this drama that is over the top yet suspenseful to the viewer.

Melanie DeAlmeida


One thought on “Keeping Up With What’s Trending

  1. It is so interesting how you brought the instance where Kim was out trying to get others to promote Kanye’s clothing line because I saw this online the other day and did not know whether to applaud this tactic or look down on it. This makes me think about the number of times that she and her family amongst many other celebrities who probably do this too. It is like you do not know whether someone is promoting something online because they truly do like it and use it or if they are just getting paid and are lying while thousands of other people, especially younger people are buying it and buying into this. We as audience members and as individuals in general need to be so careful and alert to things like this and all the different forms of media channels because we truly never know if we are being made to think in certain ways by others. I like how you mention that we never know if the show is being true and honest which is the exact same thing these women present online. It is actually kind of sad but after all, it is how they make and do their business.


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